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Red Alliance was founded in 2002 and launched their rst Red Angus bull sale in Oklahoma. At the time there were no Red Angus bull sales in Oklahoma. Through sheer grit and determination combined with very high performing bulls and females we blazed a trail for many other Red Angus producers in Oklahoma to follow. We have been very proud to be Oklahoma’s original source for Red Angus genetics. Oklahoma is now a virtual hot bed for Red Angus cattle and we are extraordinarily proud of being leaders for this explosion in growth for the breed.

We have steadily increased our presence in Texas over the past 5 years with sales in Bryan and Buffalo. Beginning in 2020 we permanently our production sales from Shawnee, Oklahoma to central Texas and have settled on Groesbeck, Texas as being our home base for sales . Our sales will be held at Groesbeck Auction and Livestock Marketing in Groesbeck, Texas. Groesbeck is centrally in the heart of Texas and located approximately 25 miles west of Interstate 45 from Buffalo, Texas. This location is easily reached from all regions of Texas – North, South, East and West. It is approximately midway between Dallas and Houston. We are excited about our future and look forward to expanding the use of Red Angus genetics throughout Texas.

The Red Alliance team is a group of Red Angus breeders that are among some of the best in the breed with a commitment to producing high quality genetics for commercial and seed stock producers alike. Our team makes extensive use of articial insemination, embryo transfer and elite quality herd sires to provide breed leading genetics that our customers demand.

Red Alliance provides our customers with multiple opportunities to acquire Red Angus cattle. Whether you are looking for elite registered bulls for seed stock producers, pound producing bulls for commercial ranchers, outstanding quality registered females or those highly sought after commercial females in volume – we have what anyone could possibly need in Red Angus cattle.

Bulls – All bulls are developed in a manner that allows each bull to express their genetic potential. Development of Red Alliance bulls is carefully managed with a focus on longevity and serving our primary customer which is the commercial cattleman. Listed below are the most important traits we use to identify bulls that will qualify for our sales.

* Conformation and structure – are they built right?

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12/24/2020 Our Program – Red Alliance

* Growth data from the development program. Average daily gain and weight per day of age are evaluated and scrutinized.

* EPD’s – We strive to oer consistency and balance yet enough variety that allows producers with dierent types environments and resources to nd cattle that work for them.

* Ultrasound and carcass data – Each bull is analyzed via ultrasound. Measurements are taken for rib eye area (REA), Back fat and marbling (IMF).

* Disposition- If they don’t know how to behave like Red Angus bulls should they are disqualied from the sale.

* Fertility Testing – Every bull will be conrmed as being fertile before they walk into the sale ring.

* Health Examination – Every bull is examined by a vet and tested for disease as required by state regulations. Each bull will have a negative BVD-PI test

Registered Females

Our annual sale will have an excellent selection of registered females. Whether you are looking for elite quality females or the herd building kind we will have what you are looking for. Compare our oering to any of the large Red Angus production sales and you will nd that we oer high quality that ts your price range. Many of these females will be AI sired or the progeny of herd sires that are equal in quality to some of the best AI sires in the breed.

Commercial “Pro Cow” Females

We strive to oer a selection of replacement quality commercial Red Angus inuenced females each year at our sales. It is our intention to use this portion of the sale as an annual outlet for our bull buyers to place their heifers sired by Red Alliance bulls. This is an excellent source for buyers to locate these highly maternal cattle that oer everything a producer could want. Excellent milk production, marbling, reproduction eciency and a gentle, easy keeping disposition…..all in one package!

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